Section 8 Developer Sues Over Name

Finding an adequate name for yourself isn’t the easiest thing you
to do. Most times you think of a good name only to find out someone
else already used it or they plan on using it. I’ve run into this
problem a few times. Take the name Modern-Gamer for example. When I
registered the a simpler URL it was being squatted by a company that
eventually sold the name to a t-shirt company. Or take a site like the
Penny-Arcade. They had a similar issue with another site that if I
remember correctly was a little more "adult" then what they were doing. Yet what sets
these two examples apart from this news story is that nether example
met with the opposing party, reviewed the product, and attempted a
working partnership. Only to break off communications and attempt to
use the branded name anyway.

This is exactly what happened with Section 8′s developer TimeGate and Paramount. After a string of meetings between TimeGate
and Paramount regarding the upcoming game Section 8, all communication
were broken by Paramount without warning. Later Paramount announced
their own product which is also called Section 8. Needless to say TimeGate is currently suing Paramount for trademark infringement.

Source: Team Xbox

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