Batman: Arkham City Review

In 2009, the way gamers look at comic book based video games change with the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The second game Batman: Arkham City is trying to reignite that same fire with a large game, more enemies with all the same greatness of the first game Batman: Arkham Asylum. Continue reading

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Review: X-Men: Destiny

No matter if you read comic books, watch movies based on them or play as them in video games, the idea of becoming a mutant or superhero is something every fan has envisioned from time to time. This makes the idea of playing a game where you work to become a member of one of the greatest comic book teams in history so appealing. However, no matter how good that idea can be, it has to be executed properly. If you had the chance to play as a member of the X-Men or their greatest adversaries it sounds like a great idea almost instantly but how far can that really carry a game? When you play X-Men: Destiny you can find out for yourself.

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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Will Leave You Wanting More

Last week it was revealed that RockStar Games was preparing a trailer for a new installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. There was no other information other than a date for a trailer. It wasn’t a lot to go with but with RockStar Games, you never get a lot to go on but you’ll always get something to be happy about in the end.

Today the much anticipated trailer was released. It’s kind of awesome. If you have the time you should watch it a few times. There’s a lot going on here so try not to blink.

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Review: Spider-Man: Edge of Time

There are some comic books that just work well in the arena of video games. It’s not incredibly shocking that one of these long running franchises is Spider-Man. The series has seen some good games and some bad ones but at one point did anyone ever question the need for another Spider-Man game. Now a new Spider-Man title serves to continue this long running enjoyment of Spidey in gaming with Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

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Grand Theft Auto V Will Be Reviled Next Week

The minute the last Grand Theft Auto was released gamers wanted to know what was next for the game series. As a few extra stories became available the anticipation for the next full title grew. Gamers the world over constantly asked for the next step in the GTA universe. Well that time is now upon us and next week a new trailer should shed some light on the next Grand Theft Auto.

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Comixology: Making Comic Books Cool Again

This past August, DC Comics, rebooted an astounding 52 comic book series. The mass reboot included Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. The results of reintroducing some of the worlds greatest superheroes has been a huge move for DC Comics. Sales are up and the content is equally as exciting. However, getting back into comic books isn’t an easy task. Some are turned off to the idea of going out to find a comic book store and with some many new and interesting stories out there it can be tough to find any comic book. Luckily for those that enjoy the move into the all digital age, there’s a new app Comixology for PC, Mac, iPod, iPad and Android devices that makes reading comics a new and enjoyable experience.

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NYCC 2011 Major League Mods Makes Gaming Look Good.

Modding isn’t something new to gamers. If you’ve travel to or join in on a LAN Party or even a computer show, you’ve seen these artistic pieces of machinery. However, for console gamers this artistic approach to gaming is something new. Every so often you might see a custom made console from a game producer or from a single ambitious individual but these units are either one off units or hardly available due to high demand, limited supplies or again something made for a single individual’s use.

So what does an  artistically minded gamer do if they’re without the resources to produce such gaming sculptures? Well, they need to purchase the units pre-made in an artistic form. But you might not know where to go to find such a unit. This is were Major League Mods comes in to help game with their artistic needs.

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NYCC 2011: Max Payne 3 Preview

If there’s one game publisher that can quickly change your opinion of a game series quickly, it’s Rockstar Games. Lets say you’re not sure about how will look or play, Rockstar Games can make it cool. But lets say it’s a game series that’s been hibernating for a longtime and the last you heard of the game was thanks to a less than stellar feature film. This may be a tall order but for Rockstar Games, they take it in stride.

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Red Orchestra 2 Review

One of the main purposes of any game is give you a simulation of a real life situation. For first person shooters this idea of a true to life simulations have been case to side as sci-fi shooters took hold only see a return to real life environments filled with extra human like characters and situations. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and even games like Wolfenstien but these playable characters are slightly extra-human. In the newly released Red Orchestra 2, this no health replenishment over time, no extra vision of a HUD filled with more information that most platoons would receive during the duration of an entire campaign. But does this return to a bare bones real life experience work today or is it too hardcore today’s hardcore gamer?

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The Xbox 360 S Gets An 360 GB Hard Drive

There’s never a perfect time to upgrade to a new iteration of an existing electronic device. For gaming it’s some what simple. You the system when it’s first released than after some time goes by and that system is starting to show it’s age you need to either purchase a new version of that console or just keep purchasing new add-ons to that system. In the case of original Xbox 360 you should now have a system with some new hard drives and a fancy brick called an HDDVD. For those that decided to take the other route with the Xbox 360 and get a brand new version of that system there’s good news and some bad news.

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